Would you like to weigh in on the Sheriff Department Reform Effort?

Mayor Michael Hancock has ordered a top-to-bottom review of the Denver Sheriff Department. Through this review, the city will create plan that will set a new standard of accountability, strengthen protocols for impropriety and help chart a new direction for the Sheriff Department. The Mayor will also appoint a new Sheriff.

To ensure we make this department something Denver can be proud of, Mayor Hancock wants to hear from you.

Weigh in. What changes in policies, procedures, discipline, training and staff well-being at the Department would you recommend?

Weigh in. What characteristics would you like to see in the next Sheriff of Denver?

For those who were unable to attend the public meetings, or for those who have additional comments, you can email us at
weighin@denvergov.org or fill out the form below.

Sheriff Department Top-to-Bottom Reform Overview

The top-to-bottom review of the Denver Sheriff Department will require a great deal of work to deliver thoughtful recommendations for reform. To ensure this is a comprehensive process, input is being gathered from a wide range of law enforcement experts and engaged community members. The following are the final reports that will be taken into consideration as a plan is created to reform the department.

Task Forces & Reports

Denver officials have released 40 draft recommendations for reform from several task forces convened earlier this year to review policies, procedures, discipline, training and staff well-being within the Denver Sheriff Department. 

Staffing/Staff Well-Being Task Force
Identify and assess the mental, physical and emotional challenges of the Denver Sheriff Department staff and recommend compassionate and sustainable solutions to enhance and strengthen their overall well-being. 
Staffing/Staff Well-Being Report

Training Task Force
Conduct a review of the training policies, procedures and practices of DSD. The workgroup will review the effectiveness of its current training program and determine if improvements can be made.
Training Report

Policy and Procedure Task Force
conduct a review of written policies and procedures within the agency to determine if improvement is necessary. The workgroup will make recommendation for improvement where necessary.
Policy and Procedure Report

Discipline Task Force
Assess the effectiveness of the conduct principles and disciplinary guidelines; review statistics, trends and patterns to identify opportunities for improvement; and develop comparisons to other similarly situated Sheriff Departments to evaluate norms and processes. Example: The impact of Career Service Rules on the Denver Sheriff Department’s Disciplinary Matrix.
Discipline Report

The Denver Peak Performance team will provide a comprehensive workload buildup and organizational assessment report on how every position and function operates within the Denver Sheriff Department.

The Denver Sheriff Department Reform Steering Committee will provide a summary report of the feedback received during the four community dialogues held throughout September as well as the email input submitted online.

The Mayor welcomes Denver community organizations to submit recommended changes to policies, procedures, discipline, training and staff well-being at the Denver Sheriff Department as well as desirable qualities for a new sheriff. Please submit them in written form to weighin@denvergov.org.

The Mayor will soon announce the selection of an independent review firm to consider all reports submitted as well as conduct its own organizational review in order to recommend changes to the Denver Sheriff Department.