SBA 504 Mortgage Loan Program

Any of Denver's community development corporations (CDC), in partnership with the Small Business Administration (SBA), can provide below market rate, long-term financing on commercial and industrial fixed assets located in the City and County of Denver.


  • Owner occupied properties
  • Commercial and industrial businesses
  • New construction or rehabilitation (permanent financing)
  • New project costs (no refinancing)
  • Total costs up to $3 million
  • Corporate net worth under $6 million
  • Profit after tax under $2 million
  • Demonstrated repayment ability


  • Low down payment (10%)
  • Fixed interest rate
  • Low interest rate
  • Twenty year amortization for real estate
  • Ten year amortization for capital equipment
  • No balloon payment
  • Loan origination fee averaging 3%
  • Loan approval in 30-60 days
  • Qualifying assumptions possible
  • Many soft costs eligible for financing
  • $35,000 from DUEDC/SBA for each new job created


  • 10% borrower equity
  • 40% CDC/SBA second deed of trust ($750,000 maximum)
  • 50% BANK/CHFA* first deed of trust

*In most instances, the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA) will purchase a 90% participation in the first mortgage. Please check with CHFA on current interest rates and loan servicing fees.

For further information, please contact a Small Business Economic Development Specialist at 720-913-1999.