Foreign Trade Zone

Whether your business imports or exports, or both, the City and County of Denver can help.

The City and County of Denver is the grantee of Northern Colorado’s two general use Foreign Trade Zones.  The original site is located near the old Stapleton airport and is operated by Aspen Distribution, Inc. The newer location is located the Worldport @ DIA and is minutes from our world-class Denver International Airport.

What is a Foreign Trade Zone?

A Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) is a site within the U.S. that is considered by federal government to be outside Customs territory.

What are the benefits of a FTZ?

  • No formal entry is required of foreign merchandise brought into the FTZ.
  • Importers can choose to pay duty on the item as it was when it entered the FTZ or, if it has changed within the FTZ, one may opt to pay duty based on its status when it actually enters the U.S.
  • Duties and internal revenue tax are not payable until merchandise is imported.
  • Processing, assembly, repackaging, manufacturing, inspecting and labeling are possible within the FTZ.
  • Quota restrictions do not apply.
  • Merchandise can be re-exported or destroyed without ever incurring Customs duties.

How can I benefit from locating in a FTZ?

You may if you do two or more of the following things:

  • Import goods with a high duty rate.
  • Import and export goods.
  • Add value through assembly, manufacturing, packaging, etc.
  • Combine foreign and domestic goods

For high volume, high tariff distributors, the City and County of Denver can assist you with an application for a specific use subzone status at your manufacturing off-zone facilities. Applications for subzone status must demonstrate a significant public benefit for approval.

For more information on how your business can benefit from being located in a FTZ Subzone, contact an International Trade Specialist at (720) 913-1999.