Affordable units are subject to price and buyer income limits, in accordance with the City and County of Denver’s Affordable Housing Program. Therefore, as far in advance of closing, please contact Stephanie Inderwiesen at for specific closing instructions.

In order to secure the long-term affordability of these units, title companies must:

1. At least two days prior to each closing of the condominium unit numbers provided above, provide a copy of the draft Seller’s and Buyer’s Settlement Statements to for approval.

2. Assure the City’s Affordable Housing Covenant has been recorded against the condominium property in the real estate records of the City and County of Denver. If no Covenant is located, then the buyer must execute the Covenant at closing for recordation. The Covenant must be recorded prior to any other documents, including Deeds and loan documents.

3. Obtain a copy of property appraisal, if necessary.

4. Have the buyer sign a Memorandum of Acceptance, notarize it and record it in the real estate records of the City and County of Denver.

Prior to recording, label the document for the return of the original as follows:

After recording, return original document to:

Stephanie Inderwiesen

Office of Economic Development

201 W. Colfax Ave., Dept. 204

Denver, CO 80202

5. After closing, provide BHS the following documents:

a. Copy of Purchase contract;
b. Copy of recorded warranty deed;
c. Copy of appraisal;
d. Copy of Final and signed Seller’s and Buyer’s Settlement Statements, and
e. Copy of recorded Memorandum of Acceptance signed by the buyer and notarized.

These instructions may be modified by the City and County of Denver upon written notice.