Housing Forms

For Future Affordable Homeowners

Area Median Income Limits

Please note that HUD is expected to release its next guidelines on income limits in February 2015; until that time, the most recent 2014 limits are in effect.

Verification of Employment

Income Verification and Application Form

Memorandum of Acceptance (condo)

Memorandum of Acceptance (single family home)

Closing Instructions

For Current Affordable Homeowners

Maximum Resale Price

For Future Affordable Housing Tenants

Rental Rezone Maximum Rents

For Developers & Builders

Affordable Housing Plan 

Rebate Request Form

IHO Price List (developers)  -- Not available; currently being updated

IHO Rules and Regulations

IHO Covenant

2015 Housing Funding Application Instructions and Guidance

2015 Housing Funding Application

Section 3 Program

OED is committed to extending economic prosperity opportunities throughout the greater community, as required under the HUD Section 3 Program.