Mayor Hancock Unveils $5.4 Billion Economic Opportunity Blueprint for Development in Denver

Mayor Hancock Unveils $5.4 Billion Economic Opportunity Blueprint for Development in Denver

Mayor Michael B. Hancock today released “Smart Jobs: Development,” a new strategic blueprint for three focus areas that will create more than 100,000 jobs, generate $5.4 billion of economic benefit, and transform the city and the region for decades to come.

“Great cities require great city planning that complements the work of our neighbors and strengthens the entire region. What we build today will create a better tomorrow for all of us,” Mayor Hancock said. “We must move now to create sustainable job opportunities and drive smart growth throughout the region. The best way to do that is through intentional development.”

The Mayor’s blueprint for “Smart Jobs: Development” was unveiled at the Denver Business Journal’s annual “State of the Cities” breakfast, which also included presentations from Denver Manager of Aviation Kim Day and Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan.

The blueprint for current and future developers and businesses targets projects that offer unmatched opportunities for economic growth and the greatest potential for significant returns on both public and private investment. While the Mayor recognizes that Denver supports dozens of major developments throughout the city, his vision focuses on three areas:

South Platte River Corridor – One of Denver’s greatest natural resources is the South Platte River, which stretches for 12 miles through the city.

Downtown Denver – Our strong downtown serves the entire Metro Denver region, anchoring the community and providing endless employment and entertainment options.

Aerotropolis and the Corridor of Opportunity – The area to the north and east of the city leading into downtown represents the greatest concentration of undeveloped land in Denver.

A key component of Mayor Hancock’s focus on jobs, this blueprint will help drive strategic and thoughtful development, furthering Denver’s efforts to be globally competitive while providing employment, housing and amenities for the city’s residents. Adapting to the economic realities of a global economy will be essential to Denver’s continued prosperity. Intentional development will generate jobs and growth in multiple sectors across the city.

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