Aerial Imagery 2000

Last updated 11/21/2019

Black and white, 6 inch aerial photography acquired for the City and County of Denver acquired in 2000. The imagery is orthorectified.

Coverage area includes the City and County of Denver excluding the Denver International Airport.

Spatial reference is NAD 1983 HARN StatePlane Colorado Central FIPS 0502.


Description Format Action
Low-resolution preview. png Download
A single JPEG 2000 image that is 3.5 GB in size. jp2 Download
Individual JPEG 2000 image tiles that are approximately 7MB each. See the tile index for details on the tiling scheme. jp2 Download
Index map for the individual tiles in PDF format. pdf Open
Tile index for the individual tiles in shapefile format. shp Download


Maintainer City and County of Denver, Technology Services / DenverGIS Data
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