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Tree Canopy Assessment 2013

Last updated 11/21/2019

Final Report

The Metro Denver Urban Forest Assessment study provides up-to-date information to the Mile High Million Tree Planting Initiative (MHM) partners to help them better understand the extent and potential of their urban forest. It quantifies the distribution of current tree canopy cover, maps locations of potential tree planting sites and assists with prioritizing tree plantings to mitigate urban heat islands. Also, the study estimates the dollar value of ecosystem services provided by the current and future urban forest. The project is divided into two phases. Major tasks in Phase I include mapping land cover, the urban heat island (UHI) and potential tree planting sites. Phase II includes GIS analysis, setting future urban tree canopy (UTC) targets, and assessing ecosystem service.

Project Summary

Urban Forest Assessment for the City of Denver - Mile High Million (MHM) Tree Initiative.

Raster Image

The raster image identifies urban heat islands into 3 classifications. 1 - cool, 2 - warm, and 3 - hot.


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Tree Canopy Assessment 2013 - Final Report pdf Open
Tree Canopy Assessment 2013 - Summary pdf Open
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