Zoning for Plant Husbandry

Last updated 1/11/2018

This layer is a subset of the zoning boundaries for the City and County of Denver, Colorado to reflect the zone districts in the ‘new code’ that permit plant husbandry as a primary use. ‘Plant Husbandry’ is defined as an agricultural use, other than a plant nursery, in which plants are cultivated or grown for the sale of such plants or their products, or for their use in any other business, research, or commerce; excluding, however, forestry and logging uses. Additional information on plant husbandry can be found in Section 11.12.6 in the official zoning code. The zoning boundaries data layer is governed by ordinance and is only changed accordingly. Please note: this layer applies to the ‘new code’ only. Zones carried over from the 1956 zoning code, as well as 'DIA', 'OS-A', 'PUD', 'PUD-G' zones, need to be reviewed individually.


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