Hate Crimes

Last updated 2/25/2022


Hate crimes are criminal offenses that are motivated to some extent by the offender's bias. They are different from traditional criminal offenses because they victimize entire groups rather than individuals. Hate crimes are determined when one of the motivating factors of the crime was bias, or hatred based upon the offender's perception of the victim as belonging to a group based upon race, gender, religion, sexual identification, nation of origin, or disability. The term hate crime is interchangeable with bias motivated crime.

Hate crimes are often confused with hate incidents. Hate incidents might involve bias-motivated name calling or pamphlet distribution but do not rise to the level of a criminal act. Hate incidents can be precursors to criminal activity.

The data is dynamic, which allows for additions, deletions and/or modifications at any time, resulting in more accurate information in the database. Due to continuous data entry, the number of records in subsequent extractions are subject to change. The data includes the victims of a hate crime which is indicated by multiple records with the same information. Hate crime data will be updated monthly.


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About Crime Data

The Denver Police Department strives to make crime data as accurate as possible, but there is no avoiding the introduction of errors into this process, which relies on data furnished by many people and that cannot always be verified. Data on this site are updated monthly, adding new incidents and updating existing data with information gathered through the investigative process.


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