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Last updated 12/17/2019
Metro Denver City boundary polygons with attributes for tree canopy cover, potential tree planting spaces, and land cover classification summaries.
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Last updated 12/16/2019
Traffic signals within and near the City and County of Denver
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Last updated 12/13/2019
Census Tract level data from the American Community Survey; 5 year average, years 2013-2017. The original census tract boundaries have been adjusted to various Denver GIS data layers to increase the spatial accuracy of this data. Although every effort was made to ensure the accurate rectification of...
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Last updated 12/17/2019
This metadata describes the stereocompiled paved sidewalks and paved trails polygons feature of DRCOG Denver Region Urbanized Project Area. The feature was compiled from the Denver Regional Aerial Photography Project (DRAPP) 2014 Aerial Imagery Acquisition and Production. This 1"=100' scale imagery is...
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Last updated 11/21/2019
Final Report The Metro Denver Urban Forest Assessment study provides up-to-date information to the Mile High Million Tree Planting Initiative (MHM) partners to help them better understand the extent and potential of their urban forest. It quantifies the distribution of current tree canopy cover, maps...
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