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Last updated 11/21/2023
General Development Plans (GDPs) are provided for large, complex or phased development projects in the mixed-use zone districts, including T-MU-30 and in some cases C-MU, R-MU, or OS-1. They are intended to anticipate a development program and the necessary infrastructure systems (road network, drainage,...
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Last updated 11/26/2023
This dataset depicts the spatial extent of RELINQUISHED (former) easement data collected by Public Works - Survey. Easement data in this layer include, but are not limited to: sidewalk easements, other right-of-way easements, storm water and sanitary easements not depicted by Wastewater Management Division,...
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Last updated 11/28/2023
Includes plans that were identified historically as several types including Planned Building Groups (PBG), DP, MPBG, PD, etc.NOT included in these plans are General Development Plans (GDP), which are contained in a separate layer (PLANGENDEVPLANA) and Planned Unit Developments (PUD), which are identified...
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Last updated 11/30/2023
The City Engineering Quarter Section Map Index contains information regarding City Engineering quarter section numbers and Public Land Survey System (PLSS) information for each quarter section in the City and County of Denver, as well as a few of the surrounding section quarters. For each quarter section...
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Last updated 11/30/2023
This dataset contains National Geodetic Survey (NGS) High-Accuracy Reference Network (HARN) points commonly used by the Public Works survey group. Disclaimer ACCESS CONSTRAINTS: This dataset restricted to City and County of Denver employees for official City business only. Contact the GIS Administrator...