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Last updated 11/21/2019
Originally produced for the 2002 Denver Multi-Modal Access Plan (DMAP), parking areas were on-screen digitized from the City's April 2000 aerial photography. Parking areas digitized only in the DMAP Transit and Pedestrian Study Area. 2012 Update: Additional parking locations were added using the 2012...
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Last updated 11/21/2019
Color, 6 inch resolution aerial photography for the City and County of Denver acquired in 2004. True-ortho correction is applied to all structures 4 stories and above in designated areas including all bridges and highway overpasses. Coverage are includes a 359 square mile area encompassing the City...
Last updated 11/21/2019
Please note: The file is no longer a comma delimited file and has instead switched to a Microsoft Excel Worksheet for improved readability.
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Last updated 11/21/2019
The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has developed community level estimates for the number of adults ever diagnosed with Diabetes (excluding gestational, borderline, or pre-diabetes) for each census tract in Colorado based on modeled survey data collected in the Colorado Behavioral...
Last updated 11/21/2019
This data contains pertinent information related to inquiries and service requests for the City and County of Denver for a rolling 12 months. This data excludes personal information.
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