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Last updated 7/19/2021
Description Hydrographic features (Lakes and Ponds) within the City and County of Denver. Disclaimer The City and County of Denver is not responsible and shall not be liable to any user or recipient for damages of any kind arising out of the use of data or information provided by the City and County...
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Last updated 11/30/2021
The small cell nodes are comprehensive for each carrier’s entire small cell program in CCD. The data is updated as we receive new applications with data from the carriers. The data is used to facilitate a quicker CCD review/approval process, provide public information to our citizens and media, and to...
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Last updated 12/20/2022
These data are the common data fields from the American Community Survey agreed upon by the Data Indicators GIS Subcommittee. The data source is Census Tract level data from the American Community Survey; 5 year average, years 2017-2021.