The Denver Open Data Catalog will move to a new application on 6/27/2024. The URL will remain the same, and the new application will have enhanced functionality. Users will be able to visualize and filter the data before downloading. Although it is a user-friendly format, the new application will also include an instructional video. All REST service URLs will remain the same.


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Last updated 12/16/2019
Description The Denver Police Districts boundaries for the Denver Police Department. Disclaimer The City and County of Denver is not responsible and shall not be liable to any user or recipient for damages of any kind arising out of the use of data or information provided by the City and County of...
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Last updated 12/17/2019
This dataset denotes the approximate locations of historical fill areas within the City and County of Denver (CCoD) and with within approximately three-quarters of a mile of the CCoD boundaries. The data was developed in 1997 by Pinyon Environmental Engineering Resources, Inc. (Pinyon) who at the request...
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Last updated 1/10/2021
The percentage of the 2019 population that is low-to-moderate income in each Census 2010 Block Group, as calculated by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is provided in this data layer. For more information on HUD's methodology, visit:
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Last updated 1/21/2022
There are two sources for the subdivision boundary layer. The first is a legacy shapefile of subdivision boundaries which was created and edited separately from the subdivision lots and ownership parcel layers. Due to the independent creation and maintenance of these layers, it is common to see line...
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Last updated 9/9/2022
The NBR program works by assisting entrepreneurs in starting or expanding businesses in target Denver neighborhoods. The Office of Economic Development provides gap financing, technical and permitting assistance, design consultation, and public improvement construction to enhance investment opportunities...