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Last updated 12/16/2019
Description The Department of Public Works of the City and County of Denver performs many functions including Construction Engineering Inspection. This geographic dataset represents the Construction Engineering Inspection Districts. Disclaimer The City and County of Denver is not responsible and shall...
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Last updated 12/16/2019
Boundaries as defined by ordinance for City and County of Denver Local Maintenance Districts. A Local Maintenance District (LMD) is formed when a group of neighbors, especially businesses, wish to upgrade the streetscape with special features like special pedestrian lights, benches, flowers, and other...
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Last updated 12/18/2019
This metadata describes the stereocompiled building roofprints feature of DRCOG Denver Region Urbanized Project Area. The feature was compiled from the Denver Regional Aerial Photography Project (DRAPP) 2014 Aerial Imagery Acquisition and Production. This 1"=100' scale imagery is comprised of 4-band...
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Last updated 12/16/2019
GIDs are allowed to construct, install or acquire any public improvement except solid waste disposal improvements and services. They may assess ad valorem taxes and charge rates, tolls and charges for services or facilities. The may issue general obligation and revenue bonds. Debt in excess of $5,000...
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Last updated 11/21/2019
Color, 1 foot resolution aerial photography for the City and County of Denver acquired from April through July 2006. Control sources include ground surveyed control points, airborne GPS and photo-identified image points derived from 2000 high resolution orthoimages. Photography was flown during leaf...
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