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Last updated 12/17/2019
Location of Department of Environmental Health (DEH) in-stream sampling locations along the South Platte River and are based on macroinvertebrate sampling performed from 1996-2003. These desginations apply only to locations that are designated as "glide" sites. This is a subset of those sites listed...
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Last updated 12/18/2019
The estimate for each census tract represents an average that was derived from multiple years of Colorado Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System data (2013-2016).CDPHE used a model-based approach to measure the relationship between age, race, gender, poverty, education, location and health conditions...
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Last updated 12/18/2019
This data set contains the name, address, phone number, and website of each HIV health care provider that received Part A Ryan White CARE grant funds. Disclaimer ACCESS CONSTRAINTS: None. USE CONSTRAINTS: The City and County of Denver is not responsible and shall not be liable to the user for damages...
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Last updated 2/15/2020
This metadata describes this dataset which was formed by combining DRCOG’s Planimetrics 2014 Centerline Sidewalks data with the City and County of Denver’s inventory of sidewalks and landscape buffers from past curb and gutter inventories.DRCOG’s Planimetrics 2014 Centerline Sidewalks Data includes stereocompiled...