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Last updated 1/11/2018
Originally developed by Fregonese and Calthorpe, Inc., subsequent changes to dataset were performed by Community Planning and Development (CPD) and DenverGIS. This version includes revisions to concept land use since 2002 based on adopted plans, ground conditions, and correction of errors found in original...
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Last updated 1/11/2018
This layer was created as described in ordinances referenced in Denver Municipal Code. Upon consideration of a recommendation that an ordinance be enacted for the purpose of preserving and protecting the health, safety and general welfare of the people of the city and their property therein situate,...
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Last updated 7/29/2018
Represents generalized land use categorizations within the City and County of Denver, as identified in the plan "Blueprint Denver, An Integrated Land Use and Transportation Plan." Disclaimer ACCESS CONSTRAINTS: None. USE CONSTRAINTS: The City and County of Denver is not responsible and shall not...
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Last updated 1/6/2019
Includes plans that were identified historically as several types including Planned Building Groups (PBG), DP, MPBG, PD, etc.NOT included in these plans are General Development Plans (GDP), which are contained in a separate layer (PLANGENDEVPLANA) and Planned Unit Developments (PUD), which are identified...
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Last updated 1/13/2019
Sec. 41-19 of the Revised Municipal Code (RMC) provides that Neighborhood Organizations be informed of actions that may be of interest such as zoning and liquor license hearings. Each organization must comply with the guidelines of the ordinance. The organization must re-register with the city each year. Disclaimer ACCESS...
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