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Last updated 12/16/2017
This data contains the existing and proposed bicycle facilities in the City and County of Denver.
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Last updated 1/3/2018
This metadata describes this dataset which was formed by combining DRCOG’s Planimetrics 2014 Centerline Sidewalks data with the City and County of Denver’s inventory of sidewalks and landscape buffers from past curb and gutter inventories.DRCOG’s Planimetrics 2014 Centerline Sidewalks Data includes stereocompiled...
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Last updated 1/9/2018
This dataset includes person and vehicle stops by the Denver Police Department from the Computer Aided Dispatch system for the previous four calendar years and the current year to date. Data without a valid address is excluded from the dataset. This data is updated Monday through Friday.Disclaimer----------The...
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Last updated 1/10/2018
Contains points that identify Landmark structure locations. Structures are established by city ordinance as approved by city council. Ordinance information is contained in the feature attributes.
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Last updated 1/11/2018
The U.S. Census Bureau's year 2000 census block boundaries for the City and County of Denver. The original census block boundaries have been adjusted to various Denver GIS data layers to increase the spatial accuracy of this data. Although every effort was made to ensure the accurate rectification of...