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This layer was created as described in ordinances referenced in Denver Municipal Code. Upon consideration of a recommendation that an ordinance be enacted...
Building Outlines (2014)
This metadata describes the stereocompiled building roofprints feature of DRCOG Denver Region Urbanized Project Area. The feature was compiled from the...
Public Art
Mapping locations of the Public Art collection for the City and County of Denver.
Parking Facilities
Originally produced for the 2002 Denver Multi-Modal Access Plan (DMAP), parking areas were on-screen digitized from the City's April 2000 aerial photography....
Police Stations
The Denver Police Station and facility locations for the Denver Police Department. Disclaimer ACCESS CONSTRAINTS: None. USE CONSTRAINTS: The City and...
Fire Stations
A point layer of Fire Stations within the City and County of Denver. Disclaimer ACCESS CONSTRAINTS: None. USE CONSTRAINTS: The City and County of Denver...
Historic Landmarks
Contains points that identify Landmark structure locations. Structures are established by city ordinance as approved by city council. Ordinance information...
Historic District Contributing Structures
Contributing structures within designated Denver Historic Districts. These are identified in the ordinance that establishes a Historic District - ONLY...
Soil Samples
This dataset contains three categories of data. First, it includes information regarding the project(s) authorizing the sampling. Second, it includes information...
Comprehensive Citywide Impervious Surfaces
The purpose of this layer is to provide an accurate representation of impervious surfaces in the City and County of Denver. This layer combines Stormwater...
Warning Sirens
The Office of Emergency Management's warning siren dataset. This coverage contains the locations and attribute data for all warning sirens within the City...