Quick Permits

Most building projects in the city of Denver -- including new construction, remodeling and repairs -- require general construction (#1R or #1C) permits to allow construction, and then trade-specific permits for each part of the project.
However, some trade-specific permits can be issued without the need for a plan review.  These permits are referred to as "quick permits."
Examples of quick permits:
  • Permit #2 - Roofing, siding
  • Permit #3 - Electrical:
    • Minor work only -- ten or fewer new 20 amp/120 volt circuits, relocating lights, or relocating outlets
    • Electrical work with services rated 200 amps or less (applies only to single-family and duplex homes)
  • Permit #4 - Plumbing: Like-for-like* replacement of plumbing elements that are not exempt
  • Permit #11 - Mechanical: Like-for-like* replacement of mechanical elements that are not exempt

 *Like-for-like must include no change in geometry, demand, or materials.

 Please note: No structural modifications can be permitted as a quick permit.

Projects Exempt from Building Permits

Some projects can be completed with no building permit or trade-specific permits at all. See more detailed information on project exemption in our Easy Projects Guide or on the Denver Building Code section 130.5.

Other permits may be required

Please note: A permit from Wastewater, Zoning, or the Fire Department may be required even if a building permit is not required. If you think your planned work is exempt, please contact Development Services to be sure.