Avoid a Parking Ticket

It's easy to avoid a ticket. Be sure you're parked properly and that you're complying with all signs. Here are the top three tickets issued in Denver, and how to avoid them:
  1. Parking meter violation
    This is an easy one to avoid, but is still our "most popular" ticket. Looking to avoid it? Always put money in the meter and be sure to either add more time if you're running out or leave before your time expires. Note: Meters have time limits, and parking beyond the allowed limit makes you subject to a $25 ticket, even if you put more time on the meter after it runs out.
    No change? No problem, our new Smart Meters take credit/debit cards and Denver Parking Smart Cards as well.
  2. Street sweeping restriction violation
    When street sweeping takes place, any cars in the street will be ticketed and/or removed. Note posted signs regarding street sweeping schedules and move your car accordingly. Even if you have a residential parking permit, you need to move your car during your street sweeping day. Note: On your street sweeping day, that space is off-limits even if the sweeper has been through already.
  3. License plate violation
    You need both a front and rear plate on your car, and they need to be at least 12 inches from the ground, on the outside of the car, fastened horizontally. In the City and County of Denver, both the police and parking enforcement agents enforce the license plate law, and this ticket is a whopping $75. Lost your front plate and need a new one? Contact a Denver County Motor Vehicle office for more info.