TOD Strategic Plan

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Development around rail stations is part of Denver striving to become a world-class city where everyone can be part of the community. Denver is taking a system-wide approach to implement not just transit oriented development (TOD), but also transit communities for all of Denver’s citizens. 

Denver’s TOD Strategic Plan provides a foundation to guide public and private investment at rail stations through:

  • Creating an implementation action plan through research and analysis of the existing state of transit-oriented development,
  • Providing city-wide, high-level policy recommendations and on the ground, station-level action items with the intent to foster implementation of TOD at rail stations
  • Establishing a system to track and monitor Denver’s success so the city can continue to refine and improve its strategic moves in the future.


As a strategic plan, the document is intended to facilitate the implementation of existing recommendations and projects identified in adopted city plans, including Comprehensive Plan 2000, Blueprint Denver, neighborhood plans, and station area plans.